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As classes unfold in a combination of in-person, online, and hybrid formats, keep in mind that the same principles, rules, and requirements for academic integrity outlined in the Academic Honesty Policy apply to all AS&E coursework and degree progress.

These rules exist on three levels—all AS&E, the specific course(s) you take, and specific exams and assignments you have in those courses. You can be held responsible for violating the rules, even if you didn’t know you were doing so at the time.

To ensure that you know enough to follow the honesty policy rules, understand your professors’ expectations, and complete your work with integrity, you should start by reading:

(1) the AS&E policy (linked here),

(2) the academic honesty guidelines given in the syllabus of each course you take,

(3) any additional academic honesty-related guidelines or requirements your instructors may have provided for the first assignment that is due in each course.

Please read the guidelines for maintaining academic honesty in online learning, created in Spring 2020 and posted on the Academic Honesty Website.

And rememberAll of us are responsible for acting with integrity and upholding the culture of fair and honest work we want to see on campus. If you are ever in doubt about what that means, ‚Äčplease make an appointment and ask!



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